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Gallery Quality

All Dani’s photographs are printed on gallery-quality premium paper and ColourPro artist’s canvas to ensure long-lasting original fine art prints. All mounted, framed and canvas prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and signed by the artist.

Framing Options


Dani's Photos offers a variety of framing options and sizes to suit your needs and unique style. Choose your print size, style of mount and either with or without a frame. You also have the option of Artglass which eliminates reflection and allows the photograph to stand out.

Made in South Africa, shipped worldwide

Dani’s artworks reside throughout South Africa, as well as the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Hong Kong, USA and Ireland.



Born and raised in Italy, Dani found himself moving to South Africa in 2011 to begin a new chapter. He had become disillusioned with the fast-paced European lifestyle and business world and was ready for change. After much searching in the Western Cape, he settled in the small village of McGregor. This provided the perfect setting for his photography to naturally evolve into something deeper and long-lasting.


Previously photography had always been just a pastime and when Dani photographed the local Poetry Festival, he realised it was an incredible opportunity to express his creativity. His passion for capturing images that portray the essence and the experience was truly ignited.


Since then he has continued to photograph McGregor and its beautiful surroundings as well as local events, further honing his skills and techniques. In 2017, La Galleria came into being and has become a home for Dani’s art and the work of invited artists. Dani continues to create fine art prints and stock images which are available to purchase on this website. Please view the Collections to browse.

La Galleria in McGregor
La Galleria in McGregor
Exhibition at La Galleria in McGregor

Visit La Galleria, situated in the heart of McGregor. The gallery’s organic architecture creates a wonderful synergy with the peaceful and rustic ambiance of the village.  Here you can meet Dani and view his latest photographs and fine art prints. Dani also curates and regularly hosts exhibitions with talented contemporary artists.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 - 14:30 or by appointment with pleasure.

7 Bree St, McGregor, South Africa

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