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Inner Garden unveils a fresh perspective on reality at La Galleria

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La Galleria’s latest exhibition offers a unique lens into the world through the eyes of McGregor resident Dani.


Going beyond conventional norms, Dani skillfully manipulates exposures and embraces unconventional development processes, resulting in a refreshing perspective on reality in his latest exhibition, Inner Garden.

What sparked Dani's photographic journey was the local poetry festival, and now, McGregor's gardens serve as his canvas. Diverging from traditional landscape photography, Dani employs experimental techniques both in the field and the digital darkroom.


The resulting images gracefully border the realms of representation and abstraction. Nature retains its essence yet appears subtly distorted, while forms are suggested but remain charmingly indistinct.

‘These final artworks represent a willingness to experiment, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, and unveiling new visions of reality,’ says Dani.

Born and raised in Italy, Dani moved to South Africa in 2011 to leave the fast-paced European lifestyle and business world behind. Mcgregor’s tranquil setting allowed his passion for photography, once a pastime, to organically evolve into something deeper.


On show every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 to 2:30 pm | Weekdays by appointment

Location: La Galleria, 7 Bree Street, Mcgregor

View the collection online at:



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