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La Galleria is proud to present ‘INNER-GARDEN’

Photographs at the Edge of Reality and Imagination

Dani presents his latest collection of images at this innovative exhibition. Captured within the verdant gardens of McGregor, these photographs push the boundaries of what the camera lens can see.

Venturing beyond traditional landscape photography, Dani explored experimental techniques in both the field and the digital darkroom. By manipulating exposures, and embracing an unorthodox developing process, He has created images that straddle the line between representation and abstraction. Nature is visible yet distorted, forms are suggested yet indistinct.

Walking through these gardens, Dani saw not just beauty but possibility. Each flower, tree, and shimmering reflection presented an opportunity to challenge convention and see the world anew. These final artworks are the tangible results of a willingness to experiment, to transform the mundane into the extraordinary, and to reveal new visions of reality.

On show from 5 pm on Friday 01 Dec 2023 at La Galleria in Mcgregor.

View the collection online at:



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