untwine | Floris van Zyl solo exhibition

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

WE ARE ALL entwined BY OUR DESIRES. It’s part of being human,of being a physical being.

In this body of work I focus on untwining, on taking known shapes apart by painting outside of the lines we draw for ourselves and those drawn by society. To let go and detach from outcomes, to allow paint to happen rather than trying to control it. Through this process of letting go one allows your inner world to emerge into the art medium. Thoughts, feelings, and actions, when untied and translated into art, have the power to affect the spiritual climate of society and in this way make a positive impact. I start off my process realistically, as we see it and start with a process of abstraction. To take apart, sometimes to the point where we don’t see the whole picture anymore, but rather have a sense of an emotional climate that speak to us. My work ranges through stages of abstraction, letting the paint and material guide the process along with my heart and eye. The mind becomes a tool in the bigger process and has to stand back for heart and eye to flow. I don't think about the marks I'm making, I let the marks happen. There's a huge desire to make the marks, that's the heart. I let the eye look at it and the hand just do what the eye and heart wants, and I simply respond to it because I feel I want to do it. The process therefor, is very instinctive. Floris van Zyl

When: 08-23 July 2017

Opening: Saturday 08 July 2017

Where: At La Galleria, 7 Bree Street McGregor



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