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Real Estate Photography

We love the photos and how you have captured our home and what we have to offer.

Kind regards



Website development:

HI Dani,

Many thanks and a big thanks for being my webmaster, You are always so obliging and it helps me tremendously knowing that you are taking care of all that I send you.

Kind regards




Just to say, I ‘walked through your, with Lara, exhibition – pics and words – and loved it. It is surely your artistry come to a new height – the  best yet!  It is a great asset to the Festival, so visible, inspiring, and also gives people TIME to befriend it all without hurrying.






Many thanks for all the wonderful work together, your kindness, your patience, your fine eye, your tuned in to the process, your recognition and value of the work and your steady quiet way.

It’s been such a pleasure!



Website Photography:

We LOVE the photos that you have taken of Le Bonheur.  We are really thrilled to have some beautiful updated photos for our website. Thank you for your care and attention to detail as always. It is such a pleasure working with you, Dani. You are so professional and humble and simply the best.

Jenny and Martyn


La Galleria Solly Smook exhibition:

Dear Dani,   

I received my Solly Smook yesterday. I am over the moon.

Thank you so much.




Dani - you are a star! These videos (not only of me but of the whole Festival) are truly delightful, and I thank you sincerely for allowing me to be a part of it. Your work perhaps goes under the radar somewhat but it ought not to do so, for without this superb record the magnificence of Poetry in McGregor could not be known for what it is. I salute you.  





Hi Dani!

Woop woop! The quality of the vids are stellar! So stoked that you streamed the vids on YouTube as well. You did great. I am super happy.




Event Photography: Run 2 Nowhere day

Hi Dani, 

Wow, thanks so much! Really amazing images!



Website Photography

Dear Dani,

Thank you for the great photos and the extra efforts. Appreciated!

Kind Regards




La Galleria: Dani's Photos framed print

Hi Dani just wanted to tell you that my friend was over the moon about her gift 'moon over McGregor' It turns out that It was a full moon on her birthday...the perfect gift

Thank you



Art Prints: Artist Floris van Zyl

Dear Daniele,

I have received the paintings, thank you very much.  I love them, and I look forward to hanging them tonight.

Kind regards,




Lifestyle Photography and Printing

Hi Dani 

Thank you so much for the photograph of our dogs.

Especially for all the extra thought that went into producing it !

We are really treasuring your work and very happy.

Hoping to see you soon again.

Kind regards

Gerhard & June



Dear Daniele,

Thank you so very much for all your gentle patience and professional guidance and beautiful pictures.

It means a lot to me.

How fitting that we have brought this to fruition on the full moon.

With much gratitude 



La Galleria: Dani's Photos solo exhibition

As many will not be able to get to the extraordinary Stellenbosch garden created by Dylan Lewis from scratch, it's great that we have a superb record of place and art as presented by Dani's soul-stirring photographs. The varying moods are almost tangible, the beauty is captured so beautifully in every frame. Thank you.

Myrna Robins 


Website Photography

Hi Dani

 I just wanted to say thank you for my wonderful photographs.

 The before and after shots are very good and the women all love their 'after' photographs, they look like magazine shots!


Colour me Gorgeous


La Galleria: writing workshop

It is true that writing begets writing, and that inspiration has to find you working. But it is just as true that writers, poets, and thinkers are inspired by the art of others. If you're looking for an artful venue that has as much soul as it has beauty, then choose La Galleria. The gallery offers a cool, intimate, light-filled space with a break-away room. Dani and Manu are gracious hosts and among their other talents, make an excellent coffee, served with delicious home-made Italian bakes.
Write Your Way In: a writing workshop, was facilitated by Write-Now, and organised by The MAC project.

Sandra Hill


Event Photography

Hi Dani, these photos are so amazing! wow, i love the way you captured the drama of the performance! In the moment of performance one is not always fully comprehending the extent to which one is expressing meaning/feeling/visuals.. but these photos capture it so well - and jeeez what scary expressions my face can pull into. so many different faces I see in myself. (and that one with the cat sniffing the mirror on my tummy is so adorable. i remember i felt the cat close to my body - glad you got a picture of that moment!). these photos compliment this piece SO extremely well... all the reflections you picked up of the trees and the people's faces. so many moods.. the garden that time of the day with that dappled sunlight is just so magic! i can write a story about each is hard, but let me keep this message short.. hehe..Gracie mille!!

Lara Kirsten


Artist Photography

Hi Daniele, They are great! Thanks, Go for it… you're a great photographer and have a very good eye.

Floris van Zyl


Website Photography

Dear Maestro

Just to say once more THANK YOU for your amazing eye, your care and your professionalism. I appreciate it very much. We are SO happy with the  photographs. Bravo!



Artist Photography

Dani was a pleasure to work with - relaxed and yet very professional. He captured the magic of the moment perfectly. Each image tells a story and is a visual feast of colours, shapes and textures."


Bridget Luff


Commercial Photography

Many thanks for lovely efficient service.



La Galleria: canvas prints

Dear Daniele, the prints have arrived safely. They are beautiful. Thank you very much.



Artist Photography

Dear Dani,

How can I start to express my absolute delight to view all these pics!?

I have come into wifi contact again today YEAH! and what joy to find your mail with your photos on your blog. Last week when I viewed that first series you posted I only could view them from my phone and then I was out of signal for over a week.

I am now on my laptop and had a good slow look at all your photos.. and I am speechless. Maybe I should give you a call rather to express my gratitude.

Sho you have captured so many different looks in me (-; showeee, what a journey for me to look back on these.. I am quite lightheaded now. 

I am also so glad to see photos of the audience as well. Very special to see their faces and reactions. And i LOVE the cat (-;

And all the different angles of the writing.. sho and to know that you took all these photos in such quick time.. you did not have time to really plan and gather your wits. You just did it in the moment! Wow, respect!


wow I must say those photos on the road are my favourite - That is where I am happiest - in motion - and in my own space on a dirt road. As mush as I love the words  and the audience, I can see I was at my most happiest there on the dirt road - far away from it all. I can see the total relaxation and happiness on my face.. showeeee, I have always wished someone could capture this glowingness of my Self. And you DID IT.. I am often so self-conscious of photos of myself.. i do not always look like me - or what I would like to look like.. you know us women can be so self-critical hehe. 


I am glad you could go on this little journey with me with your camera.. I am immensely grateful to your time and skill. 

Aai, thank you. THANK YOU..

Lara Kirsten


Event Photography

Dear Dani,

Wonderful WONDERFUL!!! these pictures are so SO fantastic.  You captured everything beautifully! WOW WOW.. the colour the light the textures the different angles and focuses.. sho marvellous photos..

I am very happy to have seen them now..perfect timing!*! We are on our way to the Tankwa Karoo  and there will be no signal. Will only be back after the weekend.

Thank YOU very much for showing me the pictures and asking if I'm happy with them before you sharing them on the social media. YES with no hesitation or doubt I am very happy with these images.

Aai I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me to have these photos as documentation for my performance.

I'm really looking forward seeing the other pictures.

Lara Kirsten


Commercial Photography

Hello Daniel

Thank you very much.  The photos are great. 


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